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In The Clouds

Jake Aldridge has just announced the release of his first collaboration with girlfriend and upcoming vocalist, Kelly Brooks.

Fittingly, the new single, In the Clouds is due for release on 14th February 2016 and will be available to download from iTunes.

Aldridge, who is from Suffolk in the UK, has been busy building his credentials. His music video for previous single, Give You The World, which was filmed in Spain, went to number one on the VTYO video charts.

He has signed a publishing deal with Leopard Music, a synchronisation deal with Go DIY Records and also secured a sponsorship deal with Asia-based RudeBoy clothing line.

His music career came about rather unexpectedly after losing his father when Jake was 11 years old; he eventually turned to his diary as a way to cope with his grief. He started out with a £12 Microphone and a pop shield made from a sock.

Today, Jake Aldridge is a professional singer in his own right, racking up over 100,000 plays online and working with some top names in the industry to write and produce music.

Jake’s new single, In the Clouds, was produced by Sam Hadfield, who is a 23-year-old Hip Hop/R&B artist from Bristol. Sam has been behind some of Jake’s biggest tracks to date including Moonlight, Falling and Erotic.

In the Clouds has a clear beat that is foot-tappingly catchy. The lyrics are almost playful, with “cheeky” undertones – just right for the setting Jake wanted for the tune. Kelly’s vocals also provide the perfect accompaniment to Jake’s raps, making an all-round modern RnB sound.

Jake commented: “The song is about encouraging people to be more care free, to even go against the grain a little bit. It’s easy to let the struggles of life wear you down and I wanted this track to be like a breath of fresh air to people; a reminder that it’s ok to live life on the edge from time to time.”

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