Club Remixes By Johnny Wore Black


While his double A-side release of ‘Firefly’/’Comfy Slippers’ from last summer was more in the style of bands like A Perfect Circle or Tool, Johnny Wore Black is now back with a completely different take on his sound.

Watch/Listen Here:

Club Remix:

Radio Remix:

By recreating the previous guitar-heavy rock version of the song into a smoother form of elating dance ecstasy, Johnny Wore Black is demonstrating that his uniqueness can take on many different levels. He is an artist who is willing to progress instead of getting stuck within the limits of genre specific ‘rules’.

Having worked with DJ Endemix before, Johnny Wore Black has decided he wanted to reach a wider audience with his music. While not mainly driven by commercial interest, the songwriter was more intrigued by the idea to take his music to a different dimension and be able to make as many people as possible listen to it. He likes the thought of his songs being played in clubs and was particularly inspired by Skrillex’ remix on Korn’s ‘Get Up!’.

Although he sees himself primarily as a rock musician, Johnny Wore Black thinks that the beauty of making music stems from the ability to fuse many different elements into one and create something new. Being able to work with DJ Endemix was a way for him to broaden his horizon and step into unknown spheres.

When Johnny Wore Black isn’t creating dynamic sound experiences, he finds a different outlet to release his energy by working as a stuntman.

The remix of Firefly is out on 26th February 2016


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