Brand new talent platform Perform-ers set to discover the stars of the future

Ever wondered how to create a global community of artists that help those in need while fostering their individual careers? It’s really quite easy and Perform-ers shows you how to do it.

Perform-ers is a new platform for creative people who can set up an online profile to promote their music and art and enter global competitions. These competitions will not only enable artists to gain amazing prizes but they will also use part of their revenues to give to charities!


What makes Perform-ers different from other artist platforms is a worldview that does not only focus on gaining maximum exposure for the musicians and artists but also use the money that is made through competitions to help those in need by supporting charities. For each time you enter a contest, there will be a $1.99 upload fee of which 20c will go directly to sponsored charities while 50c will go into the cash pool from which the cash prizes derive.

If you’re an artist who wants to get out there and be part of a global collective that focuses on more than one good cause then simply follow Perform-ers’ formula:



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