Exciting electronica compilation ‘SYNTH WAVE VOLUME 1’ by Electro London Records

Synth Front Cover

Challenging the current popular music scene, this new album from Electro London Records sports a global plethora of artists from Argentina, France, Canada, UK, Sweden, Ireland and Brazil. Their aim is to inject the soul and attitude of traditional synthwave back into electronica.

The project was collated by Rob Green of the Department and synth-rock artist Johnny Normal who run the popular Electro London Festival.

As Rob Green states: ‘Synth music has crept from the shadows (where it has been hiding since the mid-eighties) and is infiltrating even mainstream music these days. The majority of bands in the charts once again have a synthesizer. Synthwave takes it further, continuing the impact made by the early electronic pioneers (Kraftwerk, Human League, Soft Cell, Numan, Ultravox, Visage, John Foxx, with those incredible synthesized machine sounds fused to emotional, anthemic and impactful songs.

Listen here: https://youtu.be/iMTcwHzAiNg


  1. Promenade Cinema – As The World Stops Revolving
  2. Massive Ego – Low Life
  3. Cosaquitos En Globo – Fantasy
  4. The Department – Glass Houses
  5. Johnny Normal – Talk To Me
  6. Tiny Magnetic Pets – We Shine
  7. Circuit 3 – New Man
  8. Ys Atlov – You Can’t Fool Me
  9. The Stir Fry Pop Star – Pray Now
  10. Technique – So Cold
  11. Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing
  12. Rodney Cromwell – Fenchurch Street

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