Katalina Kiicks to release new single ‘Guns’ on 3rd July

London rock band feature Donald Trump cameo in new gritty single


Taken from their forthcoming autumn EP ‘VICES’, the debut single and Seattle-sized quake of ‘GUNS’ presents Katalina Kicks at their loudest, scuzziest and most politically aggrieved yet. But then opening with a “cameo” from Donald Trump, how could it not be?

It was written after watching Obama’s tearful reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting. “It’s a song of despair,” says singer Ian George. “The most powerful man in the world, and even he can’t stop the gun madness in his own country, and then after the Paris attacks, Trump said that terrifying quote about if people had guns, less people would have been hurt. So we sampled that just to show the absurdity.”

Katalina Kicks play simple and direct heavy garage rock’n’roll: power chords and pummelling rhythms, fuzzy guitar and throbbing bass, big riffs and shouted choruses, pin-balling between grunge, punk and heavy blues. In Ian they’ve also a songwriter who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air his anxieties about the world around him. “I would never pigeonhole us as a ‘political band’,” he explains. “I just write about things I see and hear that upset me. We’re not preaching at anyone or trying to change the world. We’re just saying these are the things that affect and worry us. They’re too important not to talk about, whether in conversation or in rock’n’roll. That’s all we try to do.”
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