Party hit ‘Wreckless’ from J-Keys

Following his vibrant party single ‘Wreckless’, UK rap sensation J Keys is back with this new energetic club remix.

With a fun party theme ‘Wreckless’ is the attention grabbing new single from Bournemouth-based hip hop star, J Keys. Whilst this single is different to his usual style with variation in the production, it adds to the catchiness and fun vibe of the track. With a combination of Drake inspired vocals and some fantastically lush synth pads it develops into an undeniably catchy hook, leaving you always wanting more!

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Having started writing music 10 years ago, his first album ‘When Idols Become Rivals’ was much loved by his fans. With a new EP in the works, he plans to teasingly give fans one new track a month ‘Wreckless’ being the first of the tasters.

With dynamic and strong vocals it clearly captures the atmospheric accompaniments throughout  making you want the EP now!


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