Kambui Chui-Moore brings us ‘Final Words’ his alternative soul infused single.

The raw and emotional new single ‘Final Words’ from Kambui.

Kambui, born in Houston, Texas, is a DIY artist, producing, writing and recording all elements of his music himself. He is a fearlessly emotional artist, with his name ironically meaning unafraid in Swahili. Having only been recording music since 2010, Kambui has developed his sound and is now comparable to artists such as James Blake and Beck.

With his music inspired by those who have come before him, Kambui passionately fills his music with vulnerability and emotion allowing the listener to easily relate and grow with Kambui building strength and comfort along his musical journey. His music has been a way for him to express his emotions and capture specific moments in his life in a comprehensible way.

The basketball coach and teacher believes in accepting the fragility of life and not shying away from it. When on the drive back from recording the track he momentarily lost control of his car. This experience showed him firsthand the delicacy and brittleness of life.

Kambui is keen to draw attention to mental health struggles and wants his listeners to feel comfort and a place of safety in his music. The lyric ‘some clouds don’t go away’ eludes to depression and ongoing struggles.  He has included links to The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the UK charity SANE in his soundcloud.





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