AT-ATs On The Beach:

LA based electronic production team AT-ATs On The Beach (ATATOTB) are releasing their debut EP which escapes electronic music clichés by infusing dance beats and heavy bass lines with classic tracks, including the Rolling Stones’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil’.

The group focus on keeping a fresh and unique approach to music, delivering an experimental sound which is reflective of their creativity and diversity as artists. As well as their own work, the EP also features remixes of Elton John and The Eagles.

ATATOTB were previously releasing music under the moniker, InFiction, and this project was based more on creating sounds that were influenced by their backgrounds as film editors and producers. Having composed for huge films such as Black Swan, The Thing and The Last Exorcism, the group are known for their edgy theatrical remixes and tunes that appeal to the downtempo, chill-out community.

This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and varied instrumentation are a few things that set Los Angeles based production group AT-ATs On The Beach apart from the rest.


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