Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla Release Special 40th Anniversary Version of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’

Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla are a world music collective who create an exciting blend of Indo-celtic folk, joined with hints of rock, jazz and orchestral styles.

Joe found success back in 1977 with his innovative concept album, Gaodhal’s Vision, which tells the story of the Milesian people leaving Egypt for Eire (Ireland), a place foretold to them by Moses. The album displays Joe’s fascination with the esoteric and celebrates the origins of the Celts and many distinctive aspects of their famed culture.

The album also features the talents of legendary guitarist, Rory Gallagher, whom Joe became good friends with through their shared passion of creating music. Consequently, the record was met with strong praise upon its release, owing to Joe’s quality musicianship and Rory’s coveted guitar skills.

To celebrate the anniversary, Joe will be performing Gaodhal’s Vision in its entirety with his band Shkayla (Gaelic for ‘stories’) on 31st March and 1st April at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. The band will be joined by guest musicians as well as Indian fusion and Irish dancers. The performance will also be accompanied by narration, visual projections and Rory Gallagher’s original solos, synced with the live show, making for a multi-sensual, multi-media experience.

Joe was classically trained but from his early experience working in rock bands, he quickly grasped the affinity between Celtic modal and Indian Music, and now his band Shkayla bring together aspects of these, mixed with jazz, rock and classical orchestral styles. Shkayla generate great energy and excitement through their music, channeling the sensitivity and delicacy needed to keep Celtic music faithful to its roots.

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition of Gaodhal’s Vision is set for release 28th April 2017.


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