Beldon Haigh’s anti-Trump protest song ‘Freedom’

Scottish singer-songwriter Beldon Haigh joins the anti-Trump camp with his powerful and inspiring ballad ‘Freedom’. The protest song came to Beldon in a dream and was written within twenty minutes of waking.

Having been a prolific singer-songwriter in the 80s with bands like Mikifin and Boxing Clever, Beldon Haigh has since developed his craft as a musician, taking 18 months to write and record his new solo album, from which ‘Freedom’ is taken.

Taking influence from the likes of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens and Lou Reed, Beldon focuses on the theme of ‘what does the world even mean?’ making his melodic pop-rock sound entirely unique but captivating.

 Beldon’s family history adds context to the emotive ‘Freedom’. Haigh’s wife  is a Honduran immigrant with family in the US who are under threat of deportation from Trump’s policies and he is also a father of three children, one of whom is mixed race. Also Beldon’s mother was a pioneer for the Women’s Ministry and was the first ever Scottish female priest in the Episcopalian church – as such, he was raised with an acute appreciation of feminism and women’s rights.

Watch the video for ‘Freedom’ here:





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