Apachelux’s New Dance Anthem ‘Waiting for the Red Light’

Building on their debut single ‘This Time’ dance duo Apachelux have returned with for their new song, ‘Waiting for the Red Light’ which draws as much on 90s club dance anthems as it does on 70s disco vocals – it’s a superbly crafted track landing somewhere between the two.

It’s unusual to hear a good quality dance track like this these days, but ‘Waiting for the Red Light’ will transport any keen raver back to their heyday with its pulsating beats and catchy vocals.

Despite being primarily a dance oriented group, Apachelux are inspired by artists from all across the board including Girls Aloud, Maya Jane Coles and even rock duo, Royal Blood.

Apachelux is the musical brainchild of Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan who create their music from their home studio in Southend. Whilst this might seem like a fairly incongruous place for emerging dance acts, the seaside town has built a reputation in recent years for garnering quality acts like Asylums, Nothing But Thieves and Youthclub.

Apachelux will be hoping to match the success of their neighbours with ‘Waiting for the Red Light’ which is out for release on 7th April.

Until then, check them out on Soundcloud:






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