‘I Need An Answer’: The Breast Cancer Awareness Single from Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin

‘I Need An Answer’ is the new single from urban R&B pairing Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin, who have focused their track on raising awareness for breast cancer.

Stunnah Gee, a former BEFFTA winner and MOBO award nominee, has unfortunately encountered Cancer in a number of its guises; his Aunt having a number of scares with breast cancer and his Uncle regrettably passing away due to pancreatic cancer. As a result, Stunnah Gee wanted to make sure he did something special with his talents and so 10% of all proceeds will be donated towards those organisations trying to find a cure and those who cannot afford treatment.

Stunnah and Kymo noted that they wanted to ‘create world music and to break boundaries with the project, but in the long run after sharing so many ideas, the thought came to us that we can do much more than just create music, but also give back to the society and that’s how we made it a breast cancer awareness project.’

‘I Need An Answer’ which fuses elements of R&B, afrobeat and pop-balladry, is taken from the EP Nipples which the pair have put together.

With influences including Chris Brown, Usher, Bryson Tiller and R. Kelly, the collaborative artists have a strong pedigree which they certainly live up to with their new EP.


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