The story of soul-man Les Kirsh

Picture the scene: It’s the 70s and the soul music scene is in full swing. There’s prime opportunity for emerging artists to make a name for themselves and Les Kirsh is breaking into circles with his crooning style of easy listening soul music.

But just as Les’ career began to heat up, a tragic car crash in 1974 gave his dreams a setback that he could never have imagined. The crash left the singer-songwriter in a coma for 8 days, but it took him almost two years to fully recover. During this time, Les would pick up the guitar in an attempt to remember the songs from before the horrific event, in an attempt to get back in touch with the music that had always been close to his heart.

Now, in the modern day, old recordings of Les’ songs lie dormant in a dusty box, found fortuitously by his son. It wasn’t until this moment, when Les’ son listened to the music of his father and urged him to get back to it, that Les was reconnected with his former career.

As a result, Les teamed up with famed producer, Andy Whitmore (Elton John, Peter Andre) who helped him modernise and remaster the tracks for today’s audience. The outcome has been three quality, smooth sounding tracks: ‘Say’, ‘Tell Me To My Face’ and ‘La La La’ which you can listen to here:

As you can imagine, before Les’ car crash, he was keen to get his career off the ground and get signed to a label. One of his most notable tracks, ‘When Will The Rains Come’, was released in 1971, but Les regrettably pointed out that had he waited a few more months before putting pen to paper, he could have signed to an up and coming company, who would later be known as M.A.M, and would go on to work with the likes of Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


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