‘The Gathering’ by Psychopathic Romantics

If you like your rock music with a bit of a dark edge to it, laced with political awareness, then the new release ‘The Gathering’, from Italian/ American band, Psychopathic Romantics is certainly one for you.

‘The Gathering’ is originally taken from the band’s 2015 album, Bread and Circuses, but they have decided to release it as a single now due to its pertinence with what’s currently happening in the world, from a social perspective.

Tackling subjects as relevant as discrimination, inequality and social injustice, ‘The Gathering’ is more than just a song; it’s a call to arms to stand up and be counted.

Psychopathic Romantics pioneer a unique psych-folk-rock sound that favours alternative instrumentation, such as mandolins and bouzoukis instead of your typical guitar and piano. This is just one thing that sets the innovative band apart from the crowd, but their distinctly dark, ambient sound is quite incomparable. Jason Small, of the Small Music Review, even noted that ‘The Gathering stands out with an almost eerie melody that really sinks into the mind.’


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