Pablo and The Appleheads’ ‘Zaida’ is a nostalgic feeling for something you’ve never heard

What do Oasis, David Bowie, Radiohead and The Beatles all have in common? They have provided musical inspiration for Barcelona native singer-songwriter Pablo Villavecchia. Released from the new album Alessandra, ‘Zaida’ is a mixture of classic vintage sound and the band’s own to create something new that gives an oddly nostalgic feel.

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Portrayed as a romantic Pablo has admitted the new album is named after his girlfriend who he has described as the love of his life. After forming Pablo and the Appleheads, Pablo spoke openly about his relationship with Alessandra saying, ‘meeting her meant the culmination of the album as well as my unsatisfied love life.’ However Pablo expresses just as much emotion for his love of music which is not surprising considering his mother was a singer/songwriter of jingles for adverts and his father played the saxophone for the famed Spanish rock band Loquillo y los Troglodites. During his childhood Pablo listened to VHS tapes of his favourite bands which lead to his more intense interest at the age of nineteen where he tried his hand at song writing and beginning to learn how to play the guitar. Two skills taught by his mother that transformed Pablo into a prolific songwriter and has provided us with music dealing with a diverse range of topics from love to politics and even drugs.

The album is a perfect mixture of old and new, the band’s name also encapsulating this as it is inspired by Rene Magritte’s ironic paining of a suited man with an apple for a head, The Son of Man. Both the image and the band’s sound inspiring the feeling of familiarity that we are used to whilst having that something different that keeps us on the edge. Pablo provides a personal look inside his own psyche with the album Alessandra being a combination of poetic, love fuelled songs such as ‘Alessandra’ and ‘Revolution II’. Whilst others are of a more creative, fun and destructive nature like ‘Zaida’.

The song ‘Zaida’ is a catchy guitar led track that belongs on anyone’s road trip mix tape. The simple tune will no doubt be playing around inside your head for days afterwards and can only be stopped by exploring more of the talented young songwriter’s album. The head bobbing tune has a stripped back feel that focuses on quirky guitar picking that makes it impossible to stay still when the single is playing. The song manifests The Beatles inspiration Pablo takes but also has links to his more modern tastes such as Elliot Smith and Death Cab for Cutie.

The new video for ‘Zaida’ is set for release August 4th.




Review by Skye W.Winwood

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