Indie Rockers Temper Cartel don’t need a ‘Babysitter’ with this new single

Four man band, Temper Cartel, are fusing indie work ethnic with alt-rock anthems whilst sprinkling psychedelic vibes to create their new single ‘Babysitter’.

Listen to the song here:

The band is made up of Josh Alden (lead vocal/rhythm/lyricist), Sam Alden (drums), Danny Fisher (lead guitar/arrangements) and Everton Barbato (bass guitar). The crunching guitar rifts and delicate ethereal tones combine two different guitar styles that create something slightly out of time and not what you hear on today’s radio. The heavy drum beat is almost primal in the way it moves through your head and body creating music that you can’t just sit around and listen to. Combined with the satirical lyrics shadowed in political undertones, Temper Cartel are creating something that will push boundaries in many worlds.

Fans and artists should always have close communication, the two needing one another. Temper Cartel kept their fans involved in the creation of this new single by recruiting over 40 fans, friends and strangers to create the music video for ‘Babysitter.’ The simple video depicts a series of people in close-mid shots displaying attributes of childlike behaviour varying from grumpy to outright tantrum throwing. With the help of director A. Rigozzi the music video is a two minute, fifty-seven second construct of adults acting like children that just gets more and more hilarious as the music video goes on. However the seemingly light hearted video has been linked to a representation at the frustration at an over-controlling government, as interpreted by the director himself by the opening line ‘I don’t need a babysitter.’ During the creation of the video tensions were high due to the run up to the last general election leaving those who took part in the music video to express their frustration and their anger in an infantile way. Protesting against a leader or ‘babysitter’ they didn’t want.

Watch the video for ‘Babysitter’ here: (password = BABYSITTER)

Temper Cartel have received outstanding reviews and support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing Oxford and Emerging Indie Bands. Nightshift Magazine commented that the band are ‘at their best, they’re anthemic, even elegant: a little bit Oasis, a little bit Pulp and quite a bit Space.’ In the past the band have played with The Strypes and The Bluetones, just to name a few and continue to receive an immense amount of support. The band’s lyrics are not only politically influenced but also take inspiration from literary works such as George Orwell and Charles Bukowski creating both a fun and clever vibe to their indie sound.



Review By Skye W. Winwood

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