Royal Blood Influenced Three-Piece Let Drummer Lead from the Front

Dave Grohl; Phil Collins; Roger Taylor; Levon Helm, Karen Carpenter…modern music has thrown up the occasional musical quirk over the years, none more so than the singing drummer. The ultimate in patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, these talented renegades have proved that it’s always possible to go beyond the conventional four-piece band set-up.

Enter Dead Days, one such trio who have elected to put their singer at the front of the stage with a mic stand. Readying the lead track “Fight” from their forthcoming EP, Start Over Again, for radio play and live performance, the Home Counties-based brothers Travis (drums and vox), DC (bass) and their guitarist friend James Mattocks have made up for their lack of personnel with a huge, thunderous sound which immediately brings to mind current press and fan faves Royal Blood.

Add in a dash of Biffy Clyro, a splash of Foos, a sack of deliciously melodic rock and a heavyweight video to boot and you have the earworm your brain has been craving.


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