Mihail Doman’s Arhythmology is an epic realisation of the human condition

Artists of all natures and platforms use music to portray their emotions, draw attention to important issues or to evoke particular emotions from their listeners. Mihail Doman’s first full length release, Arhythmology, accomplishes all of the above.

Listen to the complete work here: https://soundcloud.com/mihaildoman

After two years in the making Arhythmology has finally been realised into the world. The complete formation of the tracks create a thought provoking arrangement of classical sounds that manage to voice Mihail’s message without any actual words. The minimalist sound of the tracks leave the music to be soothing to listen to, not overpowering and has been described by Mihail himself as ‘a soundtrack without a film.’

Mihail was born and raised in Romania and created Arhythmology with the vision to have something that is a fully immersive experience to be heard as a whole entity as opposed to separate tracks. This vision being realised with the way the tracks almost seamlessly blend into one another whilst still having a distinct sound to tell them apart. Arhythmology is segmented into nine phases (numbered as such with roman numerals) after the style of Jean-Michel Jarre; one of Mihail’s heroes. The legendary French composer was obviously an influence on Mihail’s music as Arhythmology shares the same style, seeming to sweep through musical landscapes as the listener is taken on a journey. Using both electronic and orchestral elements Arhythmology portrays the idea of rebirth, humanity and discovery.

The lead track, Arhythmology VI, has been released along-side a pro-feminist video.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/rtnZGFgjt9g

The video that can only be described as a short film depicts a single female seeming to shift through different phases – possibly those that people expect of her as a woman. A phase of innocence depicted through her costume of white dress and a phase of hysteria through the jagged and animalistic movements she makes are some examples. However all these phases lead to the final image of her naked, laid bare for who she truly is. The video perfectly complements the music with a repetitive sound that slowly builds to something stronger but still with the same melody underneath. Reflecting how the woman was herself beneath all the versions society threw on her.

Mihail has created influences from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus due to the likeness in traditional themes that transcend time and reflect the modern age we live in. Other influences Mihail cites are Beethoven due to his traditional classic sound as well as Hans Zimmer to include a modern twist.









Review by Skye W. Winwood

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