The Sheratons are proving hard to pin down with their debut single ‘Better Days’

As 2017 has progressed the music world has seen numerous re-emergence from eras gone by. Indie rock band, The Sheratons, are continuing this trend with their new 80s fuelled debut single ‘Better Days.’

Listen to ‘Better Days’ here: 

A band compromised of Kane Bulleyment on lead and lead guitar, James Jowett on bass guitar and vocals, Finely Ryan on rhythm guitar and vocals and Emma Liu on drums. The Sheratons hail from Bingley – a place that is not quite Bradford but also not quite Leads, leaving them as inbetween and as hard to pin point as their sound.

The band’s musical sound lies between a mix of The Byrds – due to their carefree, breezy snapshots – The Cure – for the jollier side – and has the promise of a return of the long missed Paisley Underground. The latter a DIY music movement from the 80s which saw the emergence of clever, perfectly preformed pop with a twist. The total mash up of sound comes from each member of The Sheratons having their own individual style, from Kane’s James Dean cool to Finley’s Doc Marten ska. Even with these differentiations in personal sound the band still manage to pull together to create something seamless.

The grunge-esque single ‘Better Days’ brings a sense of nostalgia in both sound and name. The song itself sounds like it belongs as the soundtrack of a summer montage from the 80s or 90s. The fast paced guitar playing and drum best combined with Kane’s lassie faire vocals is a perfect contradiction that blends to create a fun filled track. Described as ‘the vintage sound of tomorrow’ the single contains chilling harmonies and also unleashes the band’s secret weapon of Emma from her control centre behind the traps. The clean cut rock band have launched with their suitably springy and stupidly catchy single making the most of youthful experience out of the something seemingly unglamorous.

See The Sheratons Live:


15th – Venue, Skipton

16th – Steeton Club, Bradford

19th – West Street Live, Sheffield

22nd – Manchester Academy, Manchester


7th – The Exchange, Bradford

14th – Indie Week Uk – Jimmys, Manchester

21st – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool


18th – The Lending Room, Leeds



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