Listen to the dark fairy tale of Julia Mascetti

Music is supposed to bring comfort, removing us from our own life and possible troubles for a track long reprise. So, how has Julia Mascetti managed to create something both disillusioned and beautiful with such a haunting sound it gives you goosebumps? Trending water amongst the sea of manufactured sound that has been bred for the sole purpose of profit, Julia is hypnotising many with her siren-like voice and mesmeric harp picking.

Before beginning work on her EP In Distance, Everything is Poetry, Julia was a music student at the University of Leeds. Upon graduating she moved from her home in the UK to broaden her horizons in Japan in August 2015. She began her time in Tokyo teaching English but after six months decided to start playing around with the harp for fun. Even before she began writing music Julia attracted the attention of Japanese audiences and was motivated by this interest to further explore herself as a musician. Julia started using blog posts to help her music reach a wider demographic and managed to also gain a large British following. She has since become a highly regarded blogger reporting on life for women living in Tokyo. Julia soon began preforming professionally at weddings and restaurants, constantly putting her more and more in demand to a point where she is now receiving invitations to tour with bands in a multitude of different genres.

With her Celtic folk roots in her Welsh ancestry, Julia used this fascination and combined it with her new experiences in Tokyo to create music that evokes a trance-inducing sound that will have you hooked from the first harp string. In Distance, Everything is Poetry is an ethereal and raw EP tinkling old magic and new music, combining to create a folk fairy tale that tells a story of loss, disillusion and memories. The lead track ‘In Bloom’ has the same eerie string picking as that of a composition by Danny Elfman but the Elvin like sound could belong in any Lord of the Rings soundtrack. ‘In Bloom’, much like the whole of In Distance, Everything is Poetry, is like a chapter directly out of the fairy tale Julia has created about a character confused as to what is and what isn’t real. The lyrics create simple but vivid imagery of the character’s feelings as to whether they are ‘remembering or dreaming’. Julia’s voice alone is soft but embodies an almost authoritative power that you cannot help but pay attention to when the song is playing. However in addition to her singing abilities Julia is a multi-instrumentalist with a six foot harp, smaller folk harp and small purple harp she used to play with metal bands.

Julia’s EP has a similar sound to both Kate Bush and Marian and the Diamonds and already has a rapidly building popularity that will no doubt help her make her mark in the music world with her unique approach to storytelling.








Review by Skye W.Winwood


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