Crack of Dawn are stealing the spotlight with their new single

When two experienced musicians come together to create a piece of music, expectations are high and the delivery is normally beyond people’s expectations. Yet this occurrence can happen once in a blue moon so Crack of Dawn could be classed as a musical miracle with the musicians they have in their ranks.

The band features guitarist and producer Carly Harvey who has been the lead guitarist for Toots & the Maytals since their Live at Hammersmith album in 1980. Even sharing the group’s 2004 Grammy win and joining them on a world support tour with bands like the Rolling Stones and Santana. Next is sax player Rupert Harvey who is the founder of Canada’s most successful reggae band (Messenjah). Trevor Daley who has played with the reggae group Third World is also on board, along with trumpeter Alexis Baro, keyboardist Bela Hayman, drummer Carl Otway, bassist Charles Sinclair and to finish the jam packed act off is Michael Dunston with his undeniably smooth soulful voice. The combining of these talented musicians with their abundance of musical experience creates something more powerful than a mere band. The group almost becoming a movement of sheer power that will both physically and emotionally move you with their music.

After being discovered by Otis Redding’s producer, Crack of Dawn were the first black band to be signed to a major label and have by passed their contemporaries Earth, Wind and Fire. Despite being predicted for great things and being one of Canada’s greatest musical success stories for nearly 40 years, the band have remained quiet for some time until the explosion of their new single ‘Spotlight.’ A five minute, hypnotic track of expressing both a romance in the form of a heartfelt love song and the band’s love for their fans and all the support they have and continue to receive. The music almost breezes through your mind on smooth tranquil tones with rhythmic bursts of musical light that will make it impossible to stay still whilst the song is playing.

Back in their own spotlight Crack of Dawn have stolen the show beyond their musicals pasts and created something that just solidifies their places as professional musicians. The single is set to be released on November 19th of this year and promises to be only the beginning of Crack of Dawn’s return.







Review by Skye W.Winwood

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