Eminem stands against Donald Trump in diss track ‘The Storm’

Rap artist Eminem is notorious for his controversial music from the topics of his songs to the kind of language used. The rapper received an insane combination of both hate and praise in his early years and, although some still don’t like his music, it is undeniable how the man himself has grown. Proving the years of wisdom and maturity he has gained by releasing ‘The Storm’ at the BET Hip Hop Awards. A four and a half minute track composed purely of hard hitting, honest lyrics against Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.

Listen to ‘The Storm’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LunHybOKIjU

Tensions leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections exploded on two sides when it was announced Donald J. Trump would be the 45th President of the United States. Winning on policies that have been proven to be discriminative, dangerous and overall damning of minorities across the USA. Since his inauguration into the White House people have risen as a collective to challenge Trump and push him out of office, including a multitude of celebrities that are using their status to make aware those who are ignorantly hiding in the dark. The personal respect I have for these celebrities is immeasurable and I can only express gratitude for people responsibly using the positions they have to address such distressing issues.

Eminem is one of these celebrities who will have my eternal respect after releasing his track ‘The Storm’ on Tuesday 10th October. The title alone speaks volumes toward the importance of the song as it promises the storm Eminem plans to bring down on Trump in the form of both the raining of lyrics in the track but also how he hopes the song will rally people to stand up against Trump. The freestyle track high lights the importance of the views contained in the lyrics by being supported by no music. Nothing to obscure or obstruct the important message Eminem is trying to get across to his fans as well as anyone willing to listen. The lyrics stand out in the sharp and cutting way Eminem has always preformed with a passionate style that can be heard even in the pauses.

The lyrics of the track criticise Trump’s policies and campaign promises as well as questioning his patriotism. Eminem calls Trump out by saying ‘he waits for sh** to quiet down, he’ll just gas up his plane and fly around till the bombing stops’ after making reference to the ‘nuclear holocaust’ Trump is at risk of causing. These lyrics bring to light the question on whether Trump will be an honourable captain and go down with the ship he is sinking, effectively calling him a coward and further questioning whether this is the man America wants as their president. The disturbing and striking imagery conjured up from ‘holocaust’ and ‘kamikaze’ is both shocking and powerful, emphasising the issues Trump’s campaign was built on. As well as making clear the magnitude at which this is an issue, that Trump’s campaign is being likened to devastating historical events.

The track also draws attention to Trump’s inconsistences by saying he is doing the ‘same sh** that he tormented Hillary for and he slandered/then does it more’, proving that the world is watching and there are people who see right through him. Eminem then tears down Trump by speaking about the military and how black soldiers ‘come home from Iraq/and is still told to go back to Africa/fork and dagger in this racist 94-year-old grandpa’. The simple lyrics ridicule Trump and strip him of his power, proving that his status as President does not excuse his racist and discriminative views. Going so far as to say his politics are made of nothing but ‘tricks’ and drawing attention to important recent events such as the shooting in Nevada that has not changed Trump’s policy on gun law in America. Eminem also pays tribute to Colin Kaepernick in the lyrics, ‘f*** that, this is for Colin, ball up a fist/and keep that shit balled like Donald the bitch’. Kaepernick was the first NFL player to protest standing during the national anthem. Eminem not only praises this protest but unites all of those who oppose Trump.

The track ends with Eminem both calling out and calling on his fans saying he is ‘drawing a line in the sand: you’re either for or against.’ Stating now is the time to choose a side and stop idly waiting by for things to blow over because they won’t. The last few lyrics are truly powerful: ‘the rest of American stand up/we love our military, and we love our country/but we f****** hate Trump.’ These lines are so important because they address the issue that if you do not support your President it means you are not truly an American and that you must hate America. Of course this is not the case and Eminem is taking one more step forward in the movement to waking up America.

To me the track speaks one simple message: storms may pass but the destruction they leave behind can be devastating.








Review by Skye W. Winwood

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