I Don’t Know How But They Found Me new single ‘Choke’

Movie references, thought provoking music and artsy style have combined in an intoxicating mixture to form genre jumping band, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDKHow). Manoeuvring their way and blending through art rock, alternative, space rock and punk, IDKHow have released their second single ‘Choke’ and it’s an assortment of awesomeness.

Listen to ‘Choke’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvJjmWTg7Qo

Consisting of two members made up primary of musical talent and an indulgence for eccentric extravagance, IDKHow is probably that band you’ve seen around and now your interest is piqued. To begin satisfying your interest the band’s two members are multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter Dallon Weekes and hard rock/pop/punk drummer Ryan Seaman. Currently, Weekes is most known for his work with American punk rock band Panic! At The Disco whilst Seaman has worked with Falling In Reverse as their longest tenured drummer. Described by Weekes as a ‘little project’, IDKHow already put themselves forward as a professional, established band as proof of the combined experience between Weekes and Seaman. The formation of the band seems to have come to fruition as a ‘right time’ kind of thing with both musicians finding themselves at points in their lives when they have time to work on their own music.

Whilst fans eagerly wait for the release of IDKHow’s completed debut album, the band have been teasing fans with song drops on the wait to the release. The first song to be officially revealed to the world was ‘Modern Day Cain’, a weird and wonderful introduction into the promise that is IDKHow. Accompanied by a performance music video that leaves a sense of unnerve even whilst the music slowly draws you in until it’s too late to escape. The music video was inspired by old cable access series after Weekes spent a significant amount of time one night watching reruns. He has said when watching the people on the show he felt they thought this was their ‘big shot and that they were going to be a star’ only to be forgotten when the show had run its course. This idea plays well in the music video as both artists have close up shots of discomfort as if they are being forced to be there. An interpretation emphasised by the animatronic voice at the beginning of the song saying ‘dance, dance, that’s enough’ in sync with Weekes’ movements. It leads deeper into the idea that people will do anything for fame, even preforming in a way they are not comfortable with but the music video ends with the band acting against that.

The song itself has been cited by Weekes as about a priest character from the popular BBC series Broadchurch which would explain the biblical reference of Cain. The song is filled to the brim with artistic genius and sweeping metaphors that really strike and portray the band as something unheard of. The futuristic synthesised sound has a vibe that could have been plucked directly out of the Black Mirror soundtrack whilst Weekes’ talented, haunting vocals are hair raising. It’s no wonder the single was an almost instant hit on the top ten alternative iTunes charts.

Listen to ‘Modern Day Cain’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieThrn5Ujmg

The themes and artistry of ‘Modern Day Cain’ have bled beautifully into the band’s new single, ‘Choke’, a Muse infused heart thumping track. The almost spooky single has a twisted tune and even more macabre lyrics about feelings of disenchantment. Weekes’ charismatic vocals combined with the indistinct backup vocals accompany an overpowering beat to create a sweetly dark song of raw proportions. Nearly every line is dressed in a poetic artistry that sets the level of expectation for the band and raises the levels of trust from IDKHow’s audience.

With said audience on the edge of their seats for IDKHow’s album drop, the band can guarantee to be seeing more of the praise and exposure their music demands.


Website: https://www.idkhow.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPeiIDYMwZQpL7aocblfqtQ

Dallon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/dallonweekes/status/1548472452?lang=en

Ryan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanseaman?lang=en


Review by Skye W.Winwood

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