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Even with the summer season dead and gone, the feelings and memories still remain. Leaving a craving for one last delve into a season past through the time machine of music. Our first stop on this journey back takes us to the funky, electropop world of Studio Killers. A virtual band consisting of the fictional characters Cherry (vocals and designer), Goldie Foxx (keyboard) and Dyna Mink (DJ). Even their manager has been given the character of Bipolar bear. The true identities of the artists are still up for speculation – even though some people think they have it worked out – but that just puts more focus on their music where it belongs.

Studio Killers began when Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink wrote a song for a British girl band before it got dropped. After this the two were introduced to Cherry and the rest is a history lost in time. Most of their earlier music was composed through emails among the members until ‘Who Is In Your Heart Now?’ when the group had their first face to face meeting. It wasn’t until 2011 when Studio Killers first burst into the public with their single ‘Ode To The Bouncer’, a humorous song about a night Cherry had some issues getting into a club. The track is a mood combination of wanting to fight and wanting to dance whilst still maintaining a beauty through backing vocals and synthesised sounds. The lyrics are simple yet entertaining, easy to follow and completely relatable when you have that one bouncer that just wants to lord their power.

Listen to ‘Ode To The Bouncer’ here:

The song gained a lot of attention through its music video on Youtube and provided the group with a substantial growth in popularity. The single showed most success in the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark, the latter two origin countries for two of the band members. Since this initial success Studio Killers have released the singles ‘Eros and Apollo,’ ‘All Men Are Pigs,’ and ‘Jenny’ until their debut album, Studio Killers, in 2013. The album is a fun fused assortment of tracks that have you lounging in the sun on the beach with ‘Jenny’ before partying the night away at the nearest club with ‘Eros and Apollo.’

Listen to ‘Jenny’ here:

…and ‘Eros and Apollo’ here:

Studio Killers music will take you on a trip to Ibiza or anywhere else you can enjoy music to your heart’s content without consequences (apart from maybe a hangover) even during these current cold months. The music is only part of the allure of this group as it’s obvious the same amount of work is put into their music videos and look. A unique and eye catching form of animation that is akin to the likes of The Gorillaz music videos. Fans of La Roux and a classic disco tune will find exactly what they are looking for in the form of Studio Killers.








Review by Skye W. Winwood

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