Set The Charge’s debut album, Sky Goes On, proves the band to be rising rock stars

Previously on Music News Today, we explored the genius talent that is Ten Second Songs with a brief mention to Anthony Vincent’s band, Set The Charge. The time has now come to delve further into the art this musician has created through the release of his band’s debut album, Sky Goes On.

Watch the official music video for lead song ‘Everything But Me’ here:

Set the Charge are a four piece band from New York consisting of Anthony Vincent on guitar and vocals, Tom Dicarlucci on lead guitar, Derek Ortiz on bass guitar and Frank on drums. The band embody everything about classic alternative music, taking influence from multiple genres of music from their favourite eras. When forming the band the guys took their time, wanting to create something unique to them and find themselves at a loss when describing their sound. The overall genre of Set The Charge seems to be rock with various other genres thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting. After listening to Sky Goes On, the band evoke a music and vocal style similar to that of Iron Maiden combined with The Foo Fighters.

The composition of the album is insanely professional and polished considering Set The Charge are not signed to any labels. Meaning everything from recording to producing and promoting is completely independent and just shows the dedication the guys have to their music. Already putting themselves forward as an established band with the promise of continuing this level of professionalism further into their careers. Setting out with the goal to create art, the guys always knew that things could possibly only reach a niche market but that still hasn’t stopped them from releasing tune after tune. Even before listening to Sky Goes On, the title and cover art promise a musical experience of epic proportions. Each song then continuing to lift you higher and higher until you reach that musical nirvana all musicians seek.

The album begins with the electronic introduction of ‘Actiones Secundum Fidei.’ A Latin phrase meaning ‘action follows belief’, setting the tone for Sky Goes On as well as summarising the band’s attitude towards their music. The introduction blends beautifully into lead track ‘Everything But Me,’ a slow building song with a musical mixture of sounds that leave you floating in a state of euphoria. Only anchored by Anthony’s incredible vocal range. The song manages to be both soft and powerful, demonstrating each band members deserved status as a talented musician. Although Set The Charge have managed to accomplish the feat of creating a sound unique to them, ‘Everything But Me’ evokes similar feelings to that of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird.’ The album continues onto explore more genres of music with songs like ‘Right Side Of History’ having a slight reggae vibe to it. Along with a sense of niggling nostalgia you will just never figure out but will enjoy trying anyway as you have the track playing on a constant loop. Tracks like ‘Youngin’ sprinkle a dash of jaunty, toe tapping fun into the album, one needed after the beauty that is ‘Betsy Brown’. ‘Betsy Brown’ being a harrowing ballad that continues the slow, building hypnotic style of Sky Goes On that just falls further into the classic rock genre.

Set The Charge have truly created something that has the potential to go down in music history. So, if you haven’t already, I recommend buying yourself a copy as soon as possible. Sky Goes On is available now to digitally download on iTunes as well as buy in hard copy.





‘Ten seconds is all Anthony Vincent needs to win you over to his music’:


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