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With the release of Fall Out Boy’s new album MANIA finally nigh, fans are gathering together in a musical celebration as the boys begin the MANIA tour. Creating beautifully composed, deeply touching and eccentrically fun music for the past sixteen years has caused these fans to want to give back. To show Fall Out Boy exactly how many people their music has touched and to some even helped through their darkest times. Enter the no profit, fan based MANIA Tour Project who have created something truly amazing.

Beginning as a simple tweet MANIA Tour Project was put together after the release of the first single ‘Young and Menace’ by Gillian and Angie. Gillian had the brilliant idea after seeing a pack of purple glow bracelets. She instantly wanted to do something to show Fall Out Boy just how much they mean to their fans. Especially after the mixed reaction ‘Young and Menace’ received, she saw it as a way to let the boys know there are still fans who support their experimentation in their own music. Gillian took this idea to twitter in the form of a tweet and Angie replied thinking it was an amazing idea. She suggested to Gillian that they create a twitter page that would go towards making it a real thing and MANIA Tour Project (@FOBManiaProject) was born! After being advised by Panic! At The Disco’s right hand man, Zack Hall, that security would not allow glow sticks or bracelets to be brought into the venues, the project took inspiration from Panic’s own concerts. Deciding to create purple cut outs with a special message for Fall Out Boy that could be held up during ‘Young and Menace’ to light the venues up with a purple glow of support. Each cut out reading, ‘FOB MANIA Project – Let’s show the boys some love! Please hold this up to your phone flashlight during Young and Menace!’

FOBThe initially small project has grown an absolutely insane but rightly deserved amount. Now having volunteers working on the project for Australian/New Zealand and European dates. It has truly become a world wide fan project that invites anyone with a shared love of Fall Out Boy to join. After speaking to Angie myself, the genuine love and support the project has for the band really shines through. Explaining that although the girls had their own reasons for starting the project, they encourage anyone with their own reasons to join. Anything to give back to their favourite band and thank them for all they have done and continue to do for their fans. Starting out with the simple goal of just wanting to make Fall Out Boy aware of how much they mean to their fans, both Gillian and Angie never began the project for the purpose of credit or recognition. All they wanted to do was make the boys smile whenever they see those clusters of purple lights that are growing every show. Described as a gift to the boys, I would label MANIA Tour Project a gift to the fans. A wholesome and inclusive way for the Fall Out Boy fanbase to come together and celebrate something that means so much to each of them.

As a long time fan myself, I highly encourage anyone who is a fan of Fall Out Boy to go and support MANIA Tour Project in anyway you can. Spread the word and maybe we can turn those veues into a sea of purple support.



By Skye W. Winwood

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