New wave of electronica music from Eztain

Who would have thought having breakfast could lead to a breakthrough in the electronica music genre? Australian music artist, Eztain, was inspired after discovering a form of free software that was being given away with his breakfast cereal!

Listen to the product of this discovery, ‘Asymmetrical’ here:

Jake Colson, otherwise known as Eztain, hails from the Joondalup area of Perth and is contributing highly to the area’s rising campaign on the global dance stage. A vibrating combination of future bass and electronica, Eztain is taking a page out of fellow musician’s, Flume, book and staying away from the generic ‘house’ sound. Finding an affinity for music at an early age, Jake learnt to play the guitar whilst still at school and was influenced by artists like Deadmau5, K. Flay and Amon Tobin to create something revolutionary in the electronica music scene. Jake found he was not only able to freely experiment with his music but use it as a form of release, a wordless communication to the world outside of his mind.

Jake’s music creates more than pleasing audio, it creates a whole other world that up until now was only ever present inside Jake’s mind. The sonic landscapes perfectly convey emotion and thought through sound alone, the music having a surprisingly personal touch to it that most electronica music seems to lack. ‘Asymmetrical’ combines sounds to create a technicolour world infused with pulsating beats and mellow synths. Jake successfully infuses a down to earth vibe into the track by keeping the sounds soothing and not overwhelming, conveying his personal connection with the music.

The song is the lead track from Eztain’s new EP, Iconoclast (VIP), which is set to be released New Year’s Day. The EP includes more otherworldly tracks like ‘Asymmetrical’ such as ‘Enhanced Vanilla’ and more intricate pieces like ‘Iconoclast,’ a combination of tracks that could prove to be the next era in electronica music.









 Review by Skye W. Winwood

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