Anarchy is coming to Christmas dinner with Wartoad’s cover of ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’

Christmas, a time for peace and tranquillity, for the family to put aside their differences for one family dinner where all the food stays on the plates. Wartoad are spitting in the face of Christmas tradition with an attitude that would make the Sex Pistols proud. Taking Slade’s classic ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ and turning it into a fusion of punk and anarchy that will have the whole family singing and dancing along this December 25th.

Listen to Wartoad’s cover, along with the music video, here:

Beneath the grunge and shouting, Wartoad have a very serious message behind their formation, focusing on the crippling unemployment rate around the world that is becoming worse as the years go on. Butch Dante (guitar, vocals, whistle) describes unemployment as an ‘apocalypse’ that causes ’65 million people in American, alone, to lose their jobs.’ The band have sited ‘web scale companies that are developing automation (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Amazon etc.)’ as ‘the enemy.’ The band are ‘on the side of the tradesmen, the artists, the performers, the apprentices; the meatspace dwellers who work with their hands.’

This noble cause, dressed in the spikes of rebellion, is being helped by Wartoad donating sales from the single to The Passage, a charity that helps homeless people get back on their feet based in London. Although, after the charity saw their music video, they’re apparently too spooked to have anything to do with the band so Wartoad have decided to post the money via unmarked envelops instead.

Wartoad have risen as a mysterious force that threatens to do battle with all in their path, rumoured to be a band of several well-known rock musicians from the US. Going under the supposed pseudonyms of Al Dijon, Butch Dante, Calvin Voltz, Charlie Danielson, Diego Fontana, Hal McNulty, Kip Larson, Nigel Stevens and Tony ‘Terk’ Downing, Wartoad are first aiming to take over the Christmas number one spot and then the world. Whilst helping out their fellow man along the way, keeping in the Christmas spirit after all.






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Review by Skye W. Winwood

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