Roman Zayats’ new single ‘Cold’ continues the returning rise of deep house

In recent years, the music industry has been relentlessly moving forward by propelling itself into the past. Delving deep into the archives and reinventing all those old classics that make us think of better days. The most recent trip has seen the re-emergence of deep house music through artists like Roman Zayats.

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Roman is no stranger to the music world, having written over three hundred songs since he was fifteen! The songwriter, producer and musician has already seen success with his Russian-language album where he showcased his skills by providing vocals and guitar on all of the tracks. Along with the help of one of Russia’s top alternative producers, Andrey Samsonov (from Mute Records who has worked with the likes of Nick Cave and Marc Almond), Roman already has a firm grasp and understanding on how to be successful in the music industry.

Now, Roman is branching out in an attempt to broaden his horizons as well as in an effort to help his music reach people on a more global scale. ‘Cold’ is the beginning of this, an electro-dance track influenced by classic deep house music from the 80s and 90s. Yet the song doesn’t sound outdated, being perfectly mixed with cutting edge techniques of today. ‘Cold’ can already be given the label as a club classic.

Roman’s determination and dedication to his music stems from developing a large, multi-national electricity company without any formal technical education. Proving the guy to be someone who can apply himself to anything, including his music career. Roman has made sure not to limit himself in his musical spectrum, taking influence from a plethora of genres from David Guetta to Depeche Mode to Tears For Fears! ‘Cold’ is only one side to the successful entrepreneur who promises music that appeals to fans of all ages. Produced by Matt Foster (known for his work with Prodigy, Jamiroquai and Gorillaz) and featuring the guest vocals of a familiar American singer, Roman has plans to work alongside even more global music stars on future tracks.

‘Cold’ is Roman’s first venture into the world of deep house but there is no doubt he will rapidly start making a name for himself, fans of classic music needing to keep their eye out for this one.






Review by Skye W. Winwood

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