The NaveBlues will possess you with their track ‘The Ghost Collector’

Who ya gonna call? Well, Nave Pundik apparently. Already capturing us with their atmospheric track ‘Possess You’, the band are now haunting the music scene once more with their song ‘The Ghost Collector’ from the self-titled album, The NaveBlues.

Listen to and watch the music video for ‘The Ghost Collector’ here:

A quick refresh: The NaveBlues are a four person Norwegian band carried on a wave of heavy drum beats, electrifying guitar and rocking harmonica playing. Akin to Led Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival, their album is filled to the brim with phenomenally talented tracks consisting of both instrumental pieces and ones featuring Nave’s resonating vocals.

Nave is slowly turning himself into the Pied Piper of the harmonic, once again blowing everyone away with his insane talent with the instrument. ‘The Ghost Collector’ tells a narrative without words of one man and his harmonic on a crusade to rid the world of unruly spirits. A narrative you can feel a personal connection with after listening to the track once because it’s a jaunty, jarring track that will have you breaking that replay button. A little more upbeat than ‘Possess You’, ‘The Ghost Collector’ is a fast paced, unrelenting instrumental piece with an underlying discord of chaos descending further and further into The NaveBlues classic rock blues world.









Review by Skye W. Winwood

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