Gid Sedgwick is giving an indie twist to the one man band

Indie music has given birth to ground breaking bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and Radiohead. However Gid Sedgwick has taken on the genre alone to write, provide vocals, play instruments and produce his new album Ochos. A mixture of the best of the 80s and 90s infused with synth soundscapes to create a truly atmospheric yet edgy modern day indie collection.

Refusing any help from the outside world, Ochos is personal to the extreme, a soundtrack exploring the inside of Gid’s mind. Not only did the multi-talented musician create the album solo, he is also self-taught, a fact that just baffles after listening to the professionalism of the songs from Ochos. The vibrating, resonating sound of some of the tracks transports you to a whole other world, removing you from your troubles and basking you in the beauty of sound Gid has created. Although undoubtedly ringing with a personal feel, Ochos has the ability to connect with listeners by how it seems to encapsulate life of 2017. By portraying real and raw emotions allows the album to appeal to a variety of audiences. Tracks such as ‘Paperclip’ hold a powerful melancholy that connects deep where as others like lead track ‘Ochos’ are a slow build, soaring melody that embodies the future sound of UK indie music.

The lyrics of ‘Ochos’ combine with a slow synth sound to lift you gradually higher and higher until you reach the peak of the song’s intoxication where you can sit back and appreciate the bliss it inspires. Although the sound of the song could be compared to the likes of Biffy Clyro and the 1975, Gid has managed to capture a uniqueness that will no doubt become his staple as his career evolves. The swaying sound evokes images of festival nightlife with crowds of people lit up by the low light as they dance in a shared moment of musical ecstasy. Gid’s music really manages to connect on a personal level with the listener and is just one example of the success the artist will no doubt find.






Review by Skye W. Winwood

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