It ‘Feels Like Christmas’ with Panic! At The Disco

With five more sleeps until Christmas morning, everyone is finding themselves in that inevitable countdown panic. Rushing around to make sure all the presents are wrapped, that there are enough carrots for all of Santa’s reindeer and fighting over the last turkey in the store. With so much to stress over the commercial side of the holiday season, we need songs like Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Feels Like Christmas’ to bring us back to that feeling of joy and remember exactly what Christmas is about.

Listen to the Christmas jingle here:

After announcing on an Instagram Live Stream he had a surprise in store for fans, front man of the band, Brendon Urie, had us all waiting in a giddy excitement akin to that of Christmas Eve. Dropping the brand new festive track ‘Feels Like Christmas’ earlier today, it’s as if the big day has come early. The song mixes classic Christmas nostalgia and the funky sound Panic has evolved into over the years, echoing a more upbeat sound from Death of a Bachelor played to a background of bells and beats.

The track begins with a quick guitar snippet of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ before jumping into the jaunty jingle of Brendon’s vocals. The jolly tune has elements of a musical number, something that would fit perfectly on a live stage graced in floating snow as the narrator swings around lamp posts after discovering the meaning of Christmas. It’s apparent Brendon’s time on Broadway influenced the track and it perfectly encapsulates the fun and excitement of the Christmas season.

Apart from the uplifting lyrics and twinkling sound, the message behind the song is a beautiful ‘thank you’ to the band’s fans. Below the audio video on Youtube, Brendon says, ‘thank you all for making this year my favourite so far. Through the hard times and the beautiful moments, I’m glad we’re always there to lift each other up. I’m so excited for the new year and what’s to come. So to end this year right, here’s a little holiday jam I wrote. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.’ Once again, reminding us of the importance of musician and fan connection whilst blessing fans with the same gratitude we offer the band. Oh, and the best part? The track is completely free to download here: 






‘Death of a Bachelor live album!’:


Review by Skye W. Winwood

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