Oceans of Noise’s new E.P is like a siren’s call

Oceans of Noise are not about half measures and are proving it with their self-titled E.P. Even though it is yet to be released, Oceans of Noise has a polished and perfected sound belonging deep in the depths of dark rock. Even more astonishing is that the band was only formed three years ago but come across as a band with at least a decade’s worth of experience. Although, this may come as less of a surprise when learning each member of the band brings their own extensive background of experience.

At just the tip of the iceberg is soprano, Sertab Erener, a hugely successful and award-winning artist in her native country of Turkey as well as across Europe. She also holds the immensely impressive title of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest winner and featured on the soundtracks to various films such as Masked and Anonymous and the Japanese-Korean film, A Tale of Two Sisters. Completing the band are guitarist Emre Kula (from the prog rock band, Kes), bassist Eser Unsalan, keyboardist Ozan Yilmaz and drummer Alpar Lu. The band also extends to Joel Hamilton, a multi Grammy Awared nominated producer who has seen success with the likes of Bonobo, Highly Suspect, Tom Waits and Unsane.

The band have managed to develop a truly hypnotising and engaging sound that is a combination of effortless skill and Poseidon like energy that will drown you in a sound of synths and riffs. Just from the E.P’s lead track, ‘The Age of Ghouls’, it’s obvious the anticipation the band are building is rightly deserved. ‘The Age of Ghouls’ is directly from any 80s dark love/lust occult film, with a sensual, swaying beat and seductive riffs. With a voice crafted for rock, Sertab provides spine tingling vocals to a background of heavy, crashing guitars and drums. The pure emotional and raw talent of the band bleeds through the track with a promise of a future rock anthem.

With this well-established sound, it’s almost hard to believe the band came together over something as simple as a jam session. After playing a few times together performing covers of other songs, Oceans of Noise quickly realised the potential they had together could lead to their own original songs. Whilst ‘The Age of Ghouls’ is the lead song, the E.P also features the beautiful ‘Frozen Love’, an aching ballad that will have you shedding a tear as you reach for the lighter. The track is bittersweet, offering slow moments of harmonic melody before hitting hard at the chorus with irrevocable passion. The E.P also offers ‘Finding White in Black’, an English translated version of the track ‘Ayla’ from the film Ayla: The Daughter of War. Even more radio friendly ‘Miracle’ is a showcase of the band’s talent to appeal to both devoted and mainstream fans.

Oceans of Noise will be releasing their self-titled E.P on January 27th with the chosen launch destination of London’s Omeara.


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Review by Skye W. Winwood

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