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Music has deeply connected with so many people, helping us to understand ourselves even when we thought we couldn’t. No matter which genre is your favourite, who your music idol is, if you play or simply listen, we can all agree music is one of the greatest healers. My own personal connection with music is something I don’t think I could ever fully explain. Why certain songs or artists mean so much to me and help me through dark times. Yet Aiden Hatfield has come close by describing music as a ‘medicine’, one we can use to help us cope with some of life’s hardest struggles. One of these struggles becoming more and more apparent is depression. Something that has most likely affected us all in some way and in today’s society we are being encouraged to speak out and embrace who we are. Aiden has created In Music We Trust, a clothing brand with the aim of raising awareness for those suffering with depression and other mental health issues. Aiden is both a musician and someone who openly shares his experience with depression but is not ashamed to admit it and encourages other people to not be ashamed either.

Watch Aiden give an important message here:

In Music We Trust offers a range of clothing and accessories all promoting the important message of trusting in something that can never let us down. The brand was established three years ago when Aiden bought a box of t-shirts and began selling them online. The brand quickly grew as more and more people stepped forward to show their support and thanks for something that has brought many people comfort. The Twitter page is flooded with grinning, happy people all sporting In Music We Trust items from wristbands, to vests, to jumpers and even goody bags!

Aiden’s own personal Twitter page is full of inspiring and encouraging messages every day to spur people on. After speaking to Aiden myself, he comes across as a genuine guy with a real passion for what he believes in. He said music is something that has always helped him cope with his own depression and he felt the need to shed light on that fact. Even more amazing than raising awareness is that 50% of profits from sales are donated to the Mind charity – a charity with the goal of never giving up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect. In Music We Trust is based in the United Kingdom with free UK shipping however they do also ship worldwide.

I’ve already put my order in and I encourage everyone who reads this to do the same. By reading this blog, you must have an interest in music and what better way to support something you love by helping out people with a shared love?



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By Skye W. Winwood

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