Shuba’s down-to-earth single ‘Stupid’

Trying to break through into a new, niche musical market can prove to be difficult and sometimes near impossible. Yet, putting yourself forward in an established, mainstream market can prove just as challenging in the attempts to stand out from the crowd. Latest entry to the market, hopeful pop-star Shuba, is bringing a beauty to the R&B genre we haven’t heard in some time but echoes what we know.

With the familiar champagne pop sound, we have come to expect from the genre, Shuba is really putting herself out there to try and claim the music as her own, working to put her stamp of uniqueness on the genre. Her new single, ‘Stupid,’ is a commercial track that has elements and a sound that will appeal to a world of young audiences. Whilst ‘Stupid’ is something artists like Arianna Grande and Selena Gomez have produced, it holds an older R&B sound akin to Destiny’s Child and JoJo that is not heard as much anymore. Although the message and sound may have been done before, Shuba still manages to incorporate elements of Asian rhythms into her music. The singer-songwriter has already gained herself a growing and, more importantly loyal, fanbase. Her music appeals to her fans because she acts as a voice for the generation listening, something every era needs. Voicing the worries and troubles of the younger crowd in a track of sweet vocals and a catchy chorus.

Shuba grew up in the US and is Chicago based with Indian heritage that has allowed her to mix with people from largely diverse backgrounds. Acting as a voice for her fans has allowed Shuba to come across as down-to-earth and eager to connect with her fans. No doubt a huge part of her appeal is her natural charm and charisma that is also put into her music. Already having experience working with the likes of Matt Hennessey (who has worked with Beyoncé and John Legend) and Zak Fox (Chance the Rapper) has allowed Shuba to make those all important musical connections and begin her up and coming career as a singer-songwriter.

‘Stupid’ is out now with Shuba’s forthcoming self-tiled EP to be released in late February 2018.



Review by Skye W. Winwood

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