Vulpine Smile will seduce you with new single, ‘The Way It Flows’

Keeping the fight going has always been encouraged, to stand with and against what we do and don’t believe in – especially with current events. Countless musicians and songs embody this message but, sometimes, the fight can become tiresome, leaving you feeling like no progress is being made. We all need those small moments of reprieve and there is no shame in it. Vulpine Smile are here to take the stress away with their new single, ‘The Way It Flows’, from their upcoming EP. An intoxicating mixture of psychedelic blues and sultry rock that will envelope you in a swirl of allure.

The three-piece band are based in Cambridge and consists of Josh Page, Jack Page and Mathew Bentley. A band lost in time with a music style drawing from the likes of 20th century blues as well as picking layers from the 70s, 80s and 90s. ‘The Way It Flows’ has obvious multiple influences from various eras but manages to be something darkly alluring, tempting you into the world of Vulpine Smile. A name as cleverly thought out as their music, filling the mind with illusions of cunning and captivating smirks. The slow start of the song languidly pulls you in with soft vocals but accompanied by a continuously increasing beat until the song ends in a climatic crash of chaotic rock. The Jeff Buckley like vocals are soothing but never overpowered, holding a power and strength to keep you captive. ‘The Way It Flows’ has an echo of The Doors and The Cramps laced within it, evoking a strange and unknown world that will entice you to explore more at your own leisure.

‘The Way It Flows’ proves to be only the beginning with Vulpine Smile’s B-side track, ‘Glass Machine’, being just as audibly attractive. A deep, thumping, spine tingling track akin to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady.’ Fighting against the bewitchment that is Vulpine Smile is simply putting off the inevitable so go with the flow and allow them to wash you away on a hypnotic tide.



Review by Skye W. Winwood

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