Discovering The Hush Sound

From the era of emo (2006) rose American indie pop band, The Hush Sound. Originally called The Hush but underwent a name alteration after the band found out it was already taken by a rapper. The change was only fitting after discovering the band’s music and realising it really is a sound that just makes you shut up and listen.

Actually formed back in 2005, but finding the first few steps of success in 2006, the band consists of Greta Salpeter (vocals and piano), Bob Morris (vocals and guitar), Mike Leblanc (bass and backing vocals) and Darren Wilson (drums, percussion and backing vocals). The band was founded by Greta and Bob in Chicago, Illinois and was carried forward solely by the two until deciding their music needed something more. Bob had always been a rock performer whereas Greta was trained as a classical pianist. The two took their talents in different genres to marry them together and create an Evanescene meets Paramore hybrid. Producing songs like ‘Wine Red’ that has a modern day gothic vibe weaved into the sound but with a jumping tune that keeps it fun.

Listen to ‘Wine Red’ here:

Released from their second studio album, Like Vines, ‘Wine Red’ is a welcome into the twisted wonderland The Hush Sound have created. Telling the tale of a dying romance in a dark beauty akin to a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. After new bassist Chris Faller (until he was replaced by Mike in 2008) and drummer Darren joined the band, The Hush Sound released their first album, So Sudden, by the end of 2005. The album was titled so to commemorate how quickly things were moving for the band, which is no surprise after finding out they were soon signed by Decaydance Records after some months of performing live. Decaydance Records is the label owned by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and has signed other over night success bands like Panic! At The Disco. In fact, it was original guitarist of the band, Ryan Ross, who came across The Hush Sound and showed them to Pete. This has allowed The Hush Sound to tour with big names such as Panic as well as The Academy Is…, Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects, Plain White T’s and even have Patrick Stump produce Like Vines.

However, even without the support of fellow indie musicians, The Hush Sound would not have remained undiscovered for long. Having a band that consists of a variety of talent allows them to evoke a plethora of emotions and perfectly convey them through their music. Greta’s versatile vocals allow the band to produce sultry rock songs in the form of ‘Medicine Man’ one minute, only to melt your heart in ‘You Are The Moon’ the next. Switching up vocals to Bob changes the sound again in songs like ‘Sweet Tangerine’ that adds elements of Panic! At The Disco into the mix.

Listen to ‘Medicine Man’ here:–t8w5qQ
Listen to ‘You Are The Moon’ here:
Listen to ‘Sweet Tangerine’ here:

It’s baffling how it has taken this long for me to discover The Hush Sound, considering the bands they are associated with and their impressive nearly fourteen-year career. However, they are a band I would recommend to anyone with an interest in genre blending music filled with poetic lyrics.



By Skye W. Winwood

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