Imagine Dragons are evolving with new single, ‘Next To Me’

When Imagine Dragons first landed on the music scene back in 2012 with ‘It’s Time,’ the world was awakened to a warped world of fun, freedom and genre fusion. The band continued to have chart topper after chart topper, from ‘Radioactive’ to ‘Demons’ to ‘Believer’ but never once drowning in the mainstream. Now dipping their toe in the waters of romance but infusing it with their own vision, Imagine Dragons’ new single ‘Next To Me’ is further proof of how the band are on a mission to conquer all aspects of the music world.

Listen to ‘Next To Me’ here:

Imagine Dragons have always released powerful music, both through their lyrics and their sound but ‘Next To Me’ manages to have a soft power in its ballad form. Dan Reynolds (lead vocalist) has explained the band’s acknowledgment that the sound and theme of their new single differs from previous releases. Themes the band have explored before having centred around fighting through turmoil and anything trying to keep you down, labelling their music as empowering from early in their career. However, ‘Next To Me’ is their first love ballad, the lyrics undeniably being about the emotions felt by and toward a significant other. Imagine Dragons have succeeded in creating something everyone can relate to, those awful feelings of feeling like you are not good enough but having that one person who believes in you anyway. Even if that person has yet to enter your life, ‘Next To Me’ is a song of hope and belief that that someone can be found.

Compared to previous songs, ‘Next To Me’ could be considered simplistic in its beauty, Imagine Dragons version of a stripped back song. It’s not a song about an idyllic, cheesy romance but a raw and real romance made of ups and downs and everything that could pull two people apart only bringing them closer together. The constant, reverberating drum beat throughout ‘Next To Me’ captures the feelings of not giving up on someone, linking also to the idea of not giving up on yourself because there is somebody who thinks you are worth everything. The acoustic guitar playing in the background adds a romantic softness to the track, the vocals mixing and swirling with the sound to swell in the heart of every listener.

‘Next to Me’ has been added to the band’s third studio album, Evolve, and was released alongside the news of new tour dates.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

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