MANIA isn’t done with you yet. Introducing Frosty and the Nightmare Making Machine

MANIA has managed to arrive like a bus, you wait for one and then two come along at once. After pushing back the release date for the album from late last year to January of this year, Fall Out Boy had a small ‘thank you’ for fans in the form of unreleased demos. It is not uncommon for bands to release demos or B-sides after a new album, but of course Fall Out Boy had to go about things in the only cryptic and creative way they know how.

On February 23rd a tweet was aimed at Pete Wentz concerning the arrival of an EP from a band called Frosty and the Nightmare Making Machine. Pete replied explaining, “When we pushed the record back- we felt like we wanted to thank everybody for being patient. So these are three demos we scrapped that will never be finished…” The three demos go by the names, ‘Past Life’, ‘Footprints in the Snow’ and ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, ranging from fifty seconds to a minute and a half in length. The physical EP, titled Llamania, was only sent to a select number of fans but the tracks are available to listen to online.

Listen to ‘Past Life’ here:
Listen to ‘Footprints in the Snow’ here:
Listen to ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’ here:

Although the songs have been labelled as ‘will never be finished’ it is still interesting to hear how the sound of MANIA could have been altered had any of them been completed. ‘Footprints in the Snow’ has a hypnotic beat that will forever tease us whilst lyrics and the title of ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’ did make it onto the album in the form of ‘Sunshine Riptide’, ‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’, and a variation of the lyrics can be heard in ‘Heaven’s Gate.’

The emergence of this EP has given the Llama characters present throughout the build up and launch of MANIA their own identities. Now being known as Frosty and Royal Tea, they are handling all of the PR concerning Frosty and the Nightmare Making Machine if the Youtube channel is anything to go by. A pinned comment on one of the videos also hints at other surprises to be on the lookout for.


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