Panic! At the Disco has fans in a frenzy with cryptic messages

So, the new era of Panic! At the Disco could be all about the importance of oral health and hygiene but more likely is still a mystery fans are trying to decode. The first of the bread crumbs was dropped on March 8th via Panic! At the Disco’s Instagram story. The two-minute video depicts Brendon Urie brushing his teeth to a background of intense and somewhat unnerving classical music. Despite the important message the video sends about taking care of your teeth, the more intriguing part was the alarm clock in the bottom left corner reading ‘3:19,’ the time remaining unchanged throughout the video. Whilst some fans tried to pin this to a bible verse due to Panic’s history with religious imagery and Brendon’s own personal connection, the time has been deciphered to be a date.

Watch the video on Panic! Updating’s Twitter page here:

Although the video has been decoded for something to happen on the 19th of March, fans are still clueless as to exactly what we should be expecting. The promise of a song drop is currently the favourite theory with other strange happenings correlating this. Last night at a nothing,nowhere. show in Cleveland some fans received a strange message in the form of a white card printed with a black exclamation point and either the same ‘3:19’ numbers or ‘patience, sinners.’ In addition to this, five unreleased Panic songs were added to by the names ‘King of the Clouds’, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’, ‘Fuck Your Dreams’ and ‘Cult Cobain.’

It’s safe to say the possibility of a song drop is imminent with Brendon already showing barely controlled excitement for people to hear the new album he has been working on. Over a few live streams held by the Panic! At the Disco frontman, he showed enthusiasm for randomly dropping songs as well as answering a fan’s question concerning the style of the album. Brendon went through the album track by track and gave some barely-there details about each, describing one song as sounding like you could be in a 70s roller rink whilst others have been inspired by Brendon’s debut on Broadway.

Watch the clip from the live stream here:

The hints have left fans wondering which direction the album will take but hoping by next week we will be closer to knowing. The Broadway inspiration could lead to a more theatrical Vices & Virtues esque sound or even a further harken back to A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Then again, Panic! At the Disco has shaken their sound up so much over the years, there is every chance it will be completely unlike what has come before. For the moment it’s obvious Brendon is having fun teasing ravenous fans eagerly waiting for a slice of the new music, no matter how small.




By Skye W. Winwood

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