Slim Loris as you’ve never heard them before in new EP, Wild & Untamed

Music is evolution in the form of sound. Just because a band or artist may begin as one particular genre or style does not mean they should be pigeonholed, their wings clipped before they have even begun to soar. Instead we should encourage their musical creativity and welcome any change they go through with open arms. Back in 2009, indie/rock band Slim Loris was born and bathed the music scene in melancholy tears with their first three full length releases. Now, after overcoming a couple years of personal setbacks, the band are back with a new sound but the same outstanding talent.

The Swedish bred band was formed by singer/bassist Mattias Cederstam and guitarist Robert Barrefelt but were soon joined by singer/guitarist Leon Lindström and drummer Jonas Ellenberg. Together the guys created a collection of demos now known as Amateur Night at The Asylum, which should just say it all for the style approach Slim Loris took in the beginning. These demos, as well as their subsequent EPs (Future Echoes and Past Replays, Down to Earth and Love and Fear), took the moments in life that sit heavy in our hearts and turned them into a beautiful country/indie/rock fusion. Exploring the confusion of heartache in songs like ‘Insane’, through the refusal to accept unfavourable situations in the violin singing, heartfelt ‘Ain’t nothing like it used to be’ to the slow sorrow of ‘Once.’ Through their career, Slim Loris have already received rightly deserved outstanding reviews from the likes of Huffington Post, and have produced enough tranquil and captivating music to prove their worth as professional musicians. However, after a few years of silence, Slim Loris have returned even more capable than before.

Wild & Untamed has left behind the sombre sound and taken on a lighter, more optimistic style both musically and lyrically. Instantly, this EP is noticeably different from the band’s previous works by the opening track ‘Mindghosts’, setting the euphoric tone for the entirety of the album. The track reflects Slim Loris’ journey from their last EP to Wild & Untamed by soaring through a journey that begins at rock bottom but reaches the possibilities of a promising future. ‘California’ demonstrates Slim Loris’ country-rock influences whilst jaunty tune ‘Before the Show’ leaves no doubt this is not the same band we left in 2015. Lead track ‘Burning Elephant’ is a self-aware, edgy, rock track backed by a thudding bass and perfectly topped off by an awesome guitar solo. The song is one of things finally becoming aligned, being ‘finally set free’ and letting go of the past. Even closing ballad ‘Hideaway’ manages to build into something that leaves you feeling revived instead of hollow.

Listen to ‘Burning Elephant’ here:

Produced by Pecka Hammarstedt and cover art designed by acclaimed Swedish artist Emil Grönholm Wild & Untamed will be available on May 2nd with the promise of a video for ‘Hideaway’ also in the mix, Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson being attached as director.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

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