IOTAPHI’s electro-noir art project, Kloudland, is threatening to take the world apart

Taking fashion style tips from Sia and music style tips from Nils Frahm, electronic duo IOTAPHI are putting the world and all its values under a musical microscope with their debut EP, Kloudland. From the depths of Ibiza’s valley and with roots in Athens, the duo has arisen on a pilgrimage of cinematic landscapes, disturbing hypnotic rhythm and ethereal vocals to bring us back to the beauty inside ourselves. IOTAPHI believe ‘we are driven away from the truth and towards superficiality’ and promise with their music ‘there will be change’ to this through making society ‘re-evaluate its core values.’ Standing apart from current contemporary music, the sound of IOTAPHI is set in another time, taking inspiration from the myth of Persephone and creating this inbetween worlds state where their music exists. By exploring both the dark and the light, the duo has combined both to aid them in their mission to bring change and inspire growth.

The heady mixture that is Kloudland is captured in lead track ‘Kids of Chaos,’ a song embracing the intricacies of the human soul. The track begins with a simple beat, something that might be expected from the electronic genre before transforming into something haunting and transcending the barrier between music and emotion. ‘Kids of Chaos’ melds together traditional instruments such as the santur with a modern mix to create a beautiful blend you will become lost in. The song is accompanied by a positively striking music video that puts a heavy focus on self-expression through its abstract style. The entire video takes place in what appears to be a derelict gymnasium where dancers elegantly interweave through thick fog in a state of bliss, giving an insight into the world IOTAPHI plan to create with their music. The video leaves no doubt that the duo are so much more than musicians but artists using their music to create something sublime and thought provoking.

Watch the music video for ‘Kids of Chaos’ here:

The music video has been rightfully nominated in the Berlin Music Video awards and already attracted the likes of Daniel Heath (Lana Del Rey) who produced the track ‘Hypertopos’ on IOTAPHI’s EP. Kloudland is set to be released on May 18th and could prove to be the beauty that finally kills the beast.




Review by Skye W. Winwood


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