Screamin’ Whisper are more than just ‘Filth’

With a band name like Screamin’ Whisper and an album name like Filth, you may be thinking these three young lads from Dublin and Edinburgh are cable of producing nothing but ear damaging noise. Well, I’m here to tell you that you wouldn’t be more wrong! Screamin’ Whisper have taken the elements of classic English rock, such as The Arctic Monkeys, and striped them down to the beauty at their core.

The three-piece indie-rock band began in Dublin with singer, songwriter and lead guitarist Brian Hughes and his twin brother (bassist) Martin (but he’ll also answer to Basser McRib) before moving to Edinburgh in 2013 where the duo became a trio by recruiting drummer Zak Watt. From the completion of their three-piece band, Screamin’ Whisper have worked relentlessly to be the name on everyone’s lips, being cited as one of the most consistent bands on the live circuit and quickly ramping up a fairly sized fanbase. Screamin’ Whisper are not about half measures, putting everything into their music and live performances, making sure to give one hell of an energetic show to fans willing to support them. The professionalism and energy the band embody is admirable and translates into the music that can be found on their debut album, Filth.

Whilst their band and album name may conjure images of The Sex Pistols, the music of Filth is closer to that of The Libertines with tracks like ‘Foolish Me’ showcasing Screamin’ Whispers ability to pull off acoustic art through such a simple sound. Brian’s vocals hold a maturity that takes the lyrics of each song and transforms them into something that intrigues and captivates. The high notes of ‘Foolish Me’ portrays how Brian understands his vocals and is able to use them accordingly to fit the mood of the song. Other songs like ‘Angels Don’t Watch Broken Homes’ amp up the rock with a sound that is more expected from the indie scene, introducing enthusiastic harmonic playing that takes the song to the next level and sets Screamin’ Whisper apart from your typical indie-rock bands. Lead track and the name sake of the album, ‘Filth’ combines the sounds of ‘Foolish Me’ and ‘Angels Don’t Watch Broken Homes’ to deliver a soft rock song that belongs on a movie soundtrack.

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Screamin’ Whisper’s music comes across as effortless and is reflected in how the band work harmoniously together, understanding their strengths and weaknesses to build up the former and leave the latter behind. The melodic narratives of their songs and devotion to their music are gaining more and more fans eager to hear a band who can manage to embody the same experience of listening to them live into record form.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

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