‘Honesty, loyalty and respect’ are the pillars of Erike Sparks’ Keep the Circle Tight

Fame and success can blind us to the things that really matter in life, the things that can stay with us whether we’re soaring high or plummeting low. The relationships in our lives help us to better understand ourselves and keep us true to ourselves as the world continues to rapidly change around us. Keep the Circle Tight is an EP by Eric Sparks that focusses on keeping things close knit and remembering the ones who helped in your goals to get to where you want to be. Growing up in London, Erike wants to spread the message among working class people of all races and ages that you need to keep genuine friends around you so that you, yourself, can stay genuine. A message reflected in his lyrics of shunning negative expectation, having faith in yourself and keeping focus all played to unique beats and sounds from different cultures around the world.

Keep the Circle Tight takes a little influence from everyone, from Giggs to Michael Jackson, and is an exploration into the new sounds Erike is determined to discover. Lead track from Keep the Circle Tight, ‘Infrared Beam’, now has a stunning music video that goes against the typical conventions and showcases Erike’s single-mindedness and unwillingness to conform with habits that lead many of his age to crime. The naturally beautiful landscapes of Scotland represent Erike’s message of remaining true to who you are even as life tries to change you, the isolation of the artist in the music video pushing the idea of making sure you can rely on yourself just as much as you can somebody else. Erike wants to communicate with his audience, wanting to make a connection based on the values that matter the most. This communication is opened up in the directness of the artist throughout the video, almost as if saying, ‘here I am, this is me’ and making no apologies for it.

Not one to rush his art, Erike is a believer in slow and steady wins the race, taking time to develop his sound and produce something worth the listen.


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Review by Skye W.Winwood

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