Two halves make an EP with Son of William’s Colour of Love

Some people believe in soul mates, someone else who holds the answers to your questions and vice versa, another person who can somehow complete you. What people seem to forget is that these people do not only exist in romance. They exist in friendship, partnership but also in music. After finding success in their own careers Hayley and Ben Williams have joined together to create their musical brain child, Son of William. Solely by a chance meeting the two musicians both taught and learnt from one another; Ben giving a hand to Hayley on the guitar and Hayley helping Ben find his voice through singing lessons. Together the two have doubled their strengths and have already been named as one of the hottest live acts in the Manchester area. With an Iron and Wine hypnotism and a sound that blends both classic and contemporary, Son of William are gearing up to release their debut EP, Colour of Love, on June 29th.

With Ben already having shared the stage with the likes of Simply Red and Chic and Hayley achieving platinum sales in Norway and Sweden, Son of William are prepped and ready to be the next big thing. Colour of Love is only a sneak preview into what the duo has to offer but it’s a preview that is utterly captivating. Lead track ‘Dear Old Acquaintance’ is a song that seems simple on the surface, stripped back to an acoustic guitar and violin but beats with a sensual fluidity that flows through you until it has completely taken over. The song is effortless and holds a dark beauty with Ben’s Chris Montez vocals and Hayley’s breath taking Adele like voice perfectly complimenting each other and adding that something extra to their music that makes them stand out amongst the rest.

It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone succeed in filling Simon and Garfunkel size shoes but Son of William stand a good chance. Even if their style is not one you usually listen to there is virtually nothing to not like about Son of William, their music is easy to absorb and may be the something you’re missing. If you’re in the area, Son of William will be doing an early launch of Colour of Love on June 27th at Manchester’s Whisky Jar.




Review by Skye W.Winwood

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