Re-inventing music with Uno Prism’s ‘Into Place’

From the heart of Scotland, Uno Prism has arisen to save us all from the mundane and the clones in the music industry. Originality should be a given in art however modern music is proving to be one carbon copy after another. Emma Welsby, know better as Uno Prism, has created something out of this world and forward thinking with her new single ‘Into Place.’ The track is the ingenious, creative and even little weird music we need to keep ideas fresh and artists from becoming more than just a product to sell.

Listen to ‘Into Place’ here:

Now settled in Manchester, Emma’s music style is like nothing you have heard thus far. Before even listening to her music, knowing her chosen instrument is the vibraphone should give you an idea of the kind of innovative music artist she is. An instrument that has seen a glimpse of the popular culture spotlight from Roy Avers and Evelyn Glennie, both musician and vibraphone are here to take centre stage and wash us all in a new wave of music. Emma’s training in both classical and percussion keeps you on your toes by throwing in jazz-inflected electronica, bass rhythms, sweeping strings and ethereal vocals that stand out as anything but conventional. Uno Prism’s music takes real life pains like heartbreak and turns them into a beauty we can all share in, described by Emma as a ‘decompression from life’, a truly cathartic experience of carefully woven layers of sound created as the perfect escape from the demands of everyday life. ‘Into Place’ is only a small part of the world Uno Prism is creating but it’s a part that can be explored endlessly with countless listens only expanding the immersion.

Emma is a fighter in both art and life, raising fists to musical conformity and battling against Crohn’s disease without letting either defeat her. Admirable for her determination and talent, Uno Prism was created to represent Emma and the people in her life she needs to build a bridge that allows the sonic soundscapes of her mind to enter the real world. The experience of Uno Prism is captured in ‘Into Place’ by being completely engrossing and utterly enthralling, pulling you into the swirls of sound note by note. An experience comparable to The Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo, Uno Prism is a warrior in the crusade to protect innovation and true creativity in music.




Review by Skye W.Winwood


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