Rich Webb to release genre defying album of Australicana

Cutting straight to the chase, the sound of Australian based Rich Webb and his band of troubadours is the accumulation of men who have ‘lived a life.’ With years of music and life experience at their backs, this band are not here to become kings of the music industry but to completely redefine it. Managing to capture the music equivalent of grimy bars, busted knuckles and elegant goodbyes, Rich Webb says if their music feels cinematic, that’s because it’s meant to be. Beginning described by Beat Magazine ‘like a Tarantinno soundtrack’ gives high expectations for the band’s upcoming album, Le Rayon Vert.

Consisting of Rich Webb, Phil Wakeman, George-Savva Georgiou and David Eugene Webb, the band have created an album of atmospheric parables. Previous albums have established the band’s ability to tell musical tales and weave intriguing stories through dizzying rifts and Rich’s raspy vocals. Songs like ‘Blue Eyed Girl’ evoke a Doors meets Jade Everett vibe with a far off soft country rock sound that is hypnotising. Whist songs like ‘Amber’ are a dream like walk through a romance track played to a sound of guitar picking and piano tinkling. With these shores already conquered, Le Rayon Vert seems to be an exploration of new territory and the beginning of Rich’s genre defying Australicana. Yet it be released lead track, ‘Let It Rain’, is a heavier take on the country rock genre than the band have previously showcased with western styling mixed in with Rich’s own sound to produce something akin to The Black Keys. The fast paced, gun slinger sound makes ‘Let it Rain’ the perfect outlaw track and stands above contemporary music of today.

Whilst the small sneak peak of ‘Let It Rain’ might make Le Rayon Vert seem like a cowboy’s paradise, the title and explanation of the title lean to more insightful inspiration than is first apparent. The band have explained the title was taken from a French film they all enjoy whilst the concept is ‘if you see the green Ray as the sun goes down you will be able to read the mind of the person you are with and they will be able to read yours.’

Le Rayon Vert could be the mind opening music we have all been waiting for.




Review by Skye W.Winwood

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