Powerful new singles ‘Fading Into Grey’ and ‘My Only Soul’ from Billy Lockett

Since being signed to East West Records at the beginning of the year, singer-songwriter Billy Lockett has been working relentlessly to deliver the new music fans have all been eagerly waiting for. Hitting the music scene hard, Billy has been releasing single after single with the beautiful ‘Empty House’ and summer song ‘Feels So Good’ and shows no signs of stopping with two new singles that are nothing less than emotionally driven and highly addictive.

Listen to ‘Fading Into Grey’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2YplePdBWY
Listen to ‘My Only Soul’ here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2lKeiALM1T2TZrOiTYlLNA

Beginning with ‘Fading Into Grey’, the single is a mesh of the classic Billy Lockett sound, like the iconic ‘Burn It Down’, that we originally fell in love with mixed with the new experimentation of ‘Feels So Good.’ The slowed down beat of ‘Fading Into Grey’ is utterly compelling, almost hypnotic in the way it blends with the piano notes, guitar strings and Billy’s smooth voice. The breakdown at around the halfway point is goose bump raising and just elevates the song to a whole new level of transcendence. Billy has described his music as ‘in the moment’, the lyrics and sound created dependent on how he feels during the time of composition, allowing him to produce music with deep, emotional connections that have us all unconditionally hooked. Due to this, Billy’s sound is ever changing and evolving, making every new song release truly exciting to see which direction the artist will be taking this time.

‘My Only Soul’ picks up both figuratively and literally where ‘Fading Into Grey’ finishes off, the music video for the latter song ending with a hint towards how a music video will follow for ‘My Only Soul.’ However, the song also picks up in sound, being more high energy and faster paced than ‘Fading Into Grey’ but still managing to burst with emotional vibes. With a more contemporary sound, ‘My Only Soul’ has undeniable Bastille vibes and is a genre style that Billy manages to pull off effortlessly.

With every new single, Billy continues to explore and improve, slowly but surely conquering the music world and adding to the army of fans that will continue to show their unwavering support.


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