Journey from the underground – Andi McErnest first star to shine from new label: The Uprise

There’s no escaping the excitement and anticipation for what is to become the first release from The Uprise – a new record label enterprise founded by NFL superstar and BBC Sport pundit Osi Umenyiora. Here we can witness an initial glimpse at the various twists and turns that have given rise to their premier starlet Andi McErnest and his lead track – ‘Baby Ur Cool’.

Andi McErnest
Andi McErnest

The Uprise label has embarked on its own mantra, which looks to combine Brazilian-inspired street sound with UK grime to fulfil their vision of a Motown-style brand that draws upon the talent of their own roster of in-house writers and producers.  This draws very much upon an uplifting idea that tries to connect people of all cultures and backgrounds with music as a means of universal understanding.

Listen here: The Uprise – Andi McErnest

Andi (known as A.M) first found creative means of expression through poetry after the tragic loss of his father around the turn of the millennium. It wasn’t long before his passion took a musical turn as he worked with producers for a number of months to make a sequence of initial demos as the foundations of his career took form.

A.M draws on inspiration from a lengthy roster of 90’s and contemporary R’n’B and hip hop including Sean Combs, Pharrell Williams and Fela Kuti. Continuing in the vein of catchy electro R’n’B, the track itself rides along a chilled, seductive trajectory. Largely a fairly simplistic selection of beats, what’s on offer here seems to be arranged to deliver a kind of hypnotic resonance that’s easily accessible and looks set to saturate the sound waves in clubs across the UK very soon.

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