Punkadelic Prog-Frog Superstars Wartoad to Tour UK!

Journeying back across the Atlantic from the riotous furore that has swept across the US, ever evolving, self-styled, psychedelic-punk outfit Wartoad are set to conclude their ‘Don’t Step on Me’ World Tour by unleashing themselves upon a pilgrimage of some of the leading punk and indie venues up and down the UK.


Perhaps the most eye catching date on the roster is that of Camden’s semi-legendary venue Dublin Castle (18th October), which promises to be something of a homecoming for the group whose identity is still shrouded in somewhat of a mystery. While the band performs under pseudonyms, what we do know is something of their prestige as session musicians who have previously played with the likes of Neil Young and Pearl Jam.

The band can rest assured that their rapidly swelling reputation is gathering real momentum. In the space of ten months the band have been thrown off their digital host for their single, ‘I Alone Can Fix It’, due to an unfortunate choice of guest lead vocalist – a Cassette-Boy style re-mix that features none other than US President Donald Trump, and have also been disowned by the charity their Christmas single raised money for.

Coverage of the release has largely been as divisive as the genre heavily implicates. But, with dates stretching throughout October, your chance to bear witness to some “Unhinged, yet truly sinuous punk-rock musical styling” (The Lowdown Under) is certainly one to look out for as it not only arrives on your doorstep, but likely caves the door in as well.


14th: Bournemouth [The Anvil]

16th: Birmingham [Centrala]

17th: Manchester [Jimmy’s Northern Quarter]

18th: London [Dublin Castle]

19th: Isle of Wight [Strings]

21st: Ramsgate [Ramsgate Music Hall]

22nd: Aberdeen, Scotland [Drummonds]

23rd: Leeds [Northern Guitars]

24th: Kinross, Scotland [Backstage at The Green]

25th: Nottingham [The Maze]

26th: Manchester [Fac 251]

27th: Norwich [The Brickmakers]

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